23 October 2019

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One year.

Posted by Adam on Wed 1 Mar 2006 @ 18:39:36

One year ago tonight, I stepped down from the Amtrak into a puddle and a rainstorm and the sweet smell of eucalyptus on the night air. I'd just listened to Joni Mitchell's 'California', and to California here I'd come. Rob picked me and my 400 pounds (literally) of luggage, and we drove across the Bay Bridge. An hour later, we were sipping drinks at The Phone Booth. My new life in San Francisco had begun.

A year later, I scarcely have time to sit down and dash off a few words of retrospection. A full schedule seems to follow me wherever I go, and this chapter has been no different. I spent the day racing from my first meeting at my new job in the political department at Working Assets, to a quick break to catch up on email with the free wireless internet in Union Square. Then lunch with my friend Peter, followed by an afternoon of training my replacement at my menial, but vastly relaxing, law firm job. Now squeezing in an hour of consulting work for the League of Young Voters before dashing off to dinner at Range.

In addition to feeling a sense of fullness, however, I also notice a genuine contentment. I've definintely come down from the initial high--there are the bad days--but I still have moments where I burst into spontaneous giggles at the idea that I live here.

So here's to plenty more days of San Francisco fullness. As long as they contain bike rides into Marin County, walks on Ocean Beach, nights at the Pilsner, trips to the Russian River, long dinners with friends, summer fog on the hills, my burgeoning back-porch garden, and the innumeral surprises the city offers up, this is where I want to be.

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