23 October 2019

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Svensk sommar.

Posted by Adam on Thu 14 Jul 2005 @ 16:49:03

It's about the light. Of the many quintessential images, a poignant one is the thudding splash of a child taking one last swim at 11pm. The colors of the sunset are scrawled across the northwest horizon and the water is still, thick like quicksilver, taking up the colors of encroaching night and everything around. The ripples spread, the child splashes, and then there is quiet again. A pair of ducks takes off, wings skimming the water, the flapping gradually fading away.

Night never quite arrives. The sun dips and slides around the horizon, a hint of its presence always peeking through, like a giant slumbering with one eye open.

In a place where the other half of the year is cold and dark, it's understandable why people want to worship the light. Other images: herring dinners on the beach, morning swims before breakfasts, berry picking in the woods, walks at sunset and rolling into bed immediately afterward, coastal bike rides on clattering 1950's vintage models, fish delivered by the village fisherman, days spent splayed on the rocky beach.

I never cease to be awed at how constant it is, how I can come back year after year and find the same thing. It steadies me, reaches deep.

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